Davol, a Bard Company, is the market leader in comprehensive soft tissue reconstruction, delivering a growing line of mesh prosthetics, biologic implants and fixation systems to complement innovative techniques for inguinal, ventral and other hernia repair procedures. Our researchers are constantly engaged in expanding the range of soft tissue repair with products aimed at providing exceptional reliability and value qualities that clinicians, physicians and patients have come to depend on.

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PhasixTM Mesh and
PhasixTM Plug and Patch

Ventralight ST MeshIntroducing Phasix™ Mesh, a fully resorbable implant for soft tissue reconstruction.
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Progel® Pleural Air Leak Sealant

Ventralight ST MeshIntroducing Progel® Pleural Air Leak Sealant, the only sealant designed specifically for Thoracic Surgeons.
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Echo PSTM Positioning System

Echo PS Positioning SystemIntroducing Echo PS™ Positioning System with Ventralight™ ST and Composix™ L/P Mesh.
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Surgical Education Course Offerings

Davol, a Bard Company, is constantly advancing the understanding of hernia repair technology and technique through comprehensive training and trusted leadership. Lean More >>